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Alcohol and Water - Do they mix?
I know you're saying, "Here we go again". That's ok...being a
smoker I fully understand! For a lot of boaters out there this
topic is unnecessary but if we can prevent one accident on
the water then it's not a waste of time.

Boating and alcohol are a deadly mix. Alcohol is involved in
approximately 50-70% of boating fatalities nationwide each

Alcohol affects your ability to function in three ways. Your
balance, good judgement, and reaction time is affected
almost immediately with the first consumed drink. Because
of the effects of the heat, sun, and wind, it takes only half as
much alcohol to impair your ability to operate a boat as it
does a car.

For every 18-degree increase in air temperature (above
normal room temperature) your body's absorption rate for
alcohol doubles.

Over 700 people die in boating related accidents each year.
90% of the alcohol related fatalities are from drowning.
Alcohol should never be consumed with any type of
depressant which is commonly found in allergy or cold
medicines. The combination can result in an increased and
exaggerated effect of the alcohol, particularly with motor
skills. Pulse rates and breathing can also drop to
dangerously low levels. Death can result from consumption
of alcohol and prescription tranquilizers and pain killers.

Purchasing alcohol at a local marina can be expensive. But,
a few beers might cost you more than you could imagine.
Boating under the influence is a Federal offense. It carries
the possibility of a year in jail and a $1000. fine.

Limit your alcohol consumption to one drink per hour or
less. Always eat before you drink and sip your drinks
instead of gulping them.

All of us face a growing threat on the water. We have to work
together to solve the problem. The speed and thrills of riding
the waves is something that is hard to beat, but the tide can
turn deadly if you go overboard.
The affects of alcohol are different from person to person
depending on their tolerance. The following chart lists
general effects based on blood-alcohol content (BAC as it is
commonly referred to). The following information was
researched from

BAC .02 to .04
mood is intensified
slight memory and judgement impairment

BAC .05 to .06
warm relaxed feeling
emotions and mood become exaggerated
slight balance and speech disturbance

BAC .07 to .13
speech noticeably impaired
significant reaction time loss
feeling of mild depression or nervousness
short term memory loss
judgment is seriously impaired
legal intoxification is .08 to .10
(even lower for Commercial Drivers)

BAC .14 to .17
all physical and mental capabilities impaired
balance disturbance resulting in standing or walking

BAC .18 to .30
general confusion and haziness
all cognitive abilities disrupted

BAC .31 and above
alcohol induced coma
possible death
Please think when you drink!
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